San Juan Island

San Juan Island

We got to see only a small bit of San Juan Island when we went over to do some Orca watching. So, off we go to Anacortes from our camp in North Whidbey island to hop on the ferry for a circumnavigation of San Juan Island.

You land at Friday Harbor.  Around the ferry terminal you have your choice of all the typical tourist shops.  But, just after a few blocks you’re in another world.  No traffic. Farms.  Rolling hills. Wild flowers everywhere.  Cottages. Views of the Puget Sound and its islands are around every corner.

First stop was to be Cattle point at the southern tip.  But, we missed the turnoff (which we seem to do on a regular basis).  As fortune would have it, as we drove a little further looking for a place to turn around, Coriena spots a lone eagle in the distance.  Out comes the big lens…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 174545 1748

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 174540 1743

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 174736 1764

We eventually got turned around and made our way back to the Cattle Point turn off. The lighthouse was a real bummer, but the views where typical San Juan Island views…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 180506 2340

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 181039 2392

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 181156 2406

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 181239 2412

Next stop…American Camp. In 1859, America and Great Britain got into a tissy over a dead pig and San Juan Island was where we nearly went to war. Brits in the north end and Americans in the south end. Today a few of the American Camp buildings still stand. Nothing much of the British Camp is left, except a couple of monuments.
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 184438 2466

Here’s the American Camp in Infrared…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 185120 2606

Heading north along the western coast to the next lighthouse you drive past False Bay. Very appropriately named…Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 195800 3607

The Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse made up for the headless Cattle Point light…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 202743 2564

Last stop was Rouche Harbor for a quick lunch before heading back to Friday Harbor and the ferry. A cozy little place with some interesting old buildings…

We wish we had more time to ferry over to a couple of the other islands. But, that will have to wait. We’ll be back!

On the hunt for Orcas

On the hunt for Orcas

…and we are still on the hunt for Orcas. Apparently, the salmon are way down and the Orcas in the San Juan’s are thought to be looking for better feeding grounds.

In any case, a day cruising around the San Juan’s is hard to beat. The weather was terrific and the islands are beautiful…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 211207 1304

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 210827 1263

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 211926 1330

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 210150 1188

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 210939 1282

And rugged…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 201710 1156

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 201918 1182

Stuart Island Lighthouse is the furthest northwest place in the Lower 48…Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 201527 1121

No Orcas, but, plenty of other wildlife…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 210858 1272

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 210544 1223

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 210515 1219

Northwest May-June 2014-20140516 194854 1052