Whale Watching on Monterey Bay

Whale Watching on Monterey Bay

Great day on the water in search of Humpbacks. And, boy did we find the Humpbacks. Sanctuary Cruises is out of Moss Landing. Just around the corner from we’re we are camped. They put on a great show for us.

Captain Mike let Julia and Connor drive the boat.
Monterey April 2014-20140409 202833 1495

Monterey April 2014-20140409 203159 1505

Check out this album of just a small bit of the action…

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Moss Landing Otters

Moss Landing Otters

This is Julia! This morning we headed over to the Moss Landing Lagoon and saw a mommy and a baby otter. The mommy shared her crab with the baby.

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 092456 0105

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 093225 0115

These jellyfish are very unique in there own ways.

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 110027 0156

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 105945 0154

We met two new friends today! This is Messi.

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 113150 0187

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 113441 0188

This is Tranya.

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 113608 0189

Montereyh April 2014-20140408 113622 0190

Our First Day in Monterey

Our First Day in Monterey

This is Julia! Me and Tucker are getting our morning walk in before heading up to Monterey.

Monterey April 2014-20140407 085859 0041

My favorite combination… Watermelon and Cantaloupe!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153300 0048

Who knew bananas came in miniature sizes! They are so cute!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153342 0049

The biggest apple I have ever seen!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153436 0051

Mommy must be jealous… we found the best Hass Avocados today!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153637 0053

These birds are crazy! They have been circling around each other for at least 5 minutes.

Monterey April 2014-20140407 161125 0061

This patch of grapes has gone on for at least 10 miles!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 095553 0044

A Day in Buellton

A Day in Buellton

This is Julia! Our first stop today was Global Gardens, an olive oil and vinegar place. Our favorite vinegar was the Raspberry one and I personally liked the Walnut olive oil.

untitled-20140406 111528 0024

untitled-20140406 113333 0027

It looks like Connor and I took over the tasting section! He is about to pour the Raspberry vinegar.

untitled-20140406 113435 0028

Gas Stations back then only charged $0.37 per gallon. We all wished gas costed this much right now!

untitled-20140406 114527 0034

The Poppy is our state flower. It is amazing to see these growing on the side of the road. It looks like the bees are attracted by these bright flowers.

untitled-20140406 122503 0041

untitled-20140406 122405 0039

Who knew gates were made out of such peculiar items.

untitled-20140406 124417 0046

Which way do I go? Up, down, left, right? If you stop by this abandoned shelter, you will never know which way to go!

untitled-20140406 124633 0048

Apparently Nebraska and Nevada are the only states that get appreciated in California. Not even California is listed on here!

untitled-20140406 124651 0049

1st Stop…Buellton

1st Stop…Buellton

It looks like Tucker is enjoying his first stop…Buellton. He is ready for some fetch. He hadn’t planned on coming, so this is a nice surprise!
Monterey April 2014-20140405 164147 0006

The beautiful Airstream! We are all hoping for a good nights rest with this fancy fellow. Hopefully Tucker won’t have any gas to disturb us in our sleep.
Monterey April 2014-20140405 163934 0004