Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 3

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 3

Day 3 started early.  We headed to Convict lake to catch the sunrise.  Not only did we catch the sunrise, we had a near-full moon setting over the far hills as the sun was rising.  We couldn’t ask for more!

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 143729 0768

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 140549 0521

Next stop was Lundy Lake. We heard the colors were just starting. But, as soon as we turned up the road, we knew we were in for a real show.

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164355 1181-6

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164752 1230-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164607 1220-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164203 1163-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 162637 1035-2

Last stop for the day was Conway Summit…just a little further north. As you round the first bend the fall color scene overlooked Mono Lake. What more could you ask for?

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 171626 1295-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 175914 1432-2

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 2

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 2

Up early on Day 2.  Headed up Pine Creek, on to Rock Creek with a quit run up to Convict Lake to scope it out for the next mornings sunrise shoot.

The first thing you come to when you turn up the road to Pine Creek…Very photogenic…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 204512 0100
Then the road juste get’s better…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 201813 0012
And Better…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 201915 0031
Short stop along Pine Creek and we are on our way to Rock Creek…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 202203 0053
You head up Rock Creek out of Tom’s Place, just off Highway 395 and it didn’t take long to get into the swing of things…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 220234 0143
Great Color!!
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 221628 0211

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 1

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 1

The first day out we needed most of the early morning to get our camp in Bishop organized.  So, we focused on one area today…The Bishop Creek Canyon.  The road heads straight west out of Bishop and works its way up through typically beautiful Eastern Sierra wilderness.  On Bishop Creek road you can head straight up to lake Sabrina at the end of the road.  You can take side trips to North Lake and South Fork.  We focused on the main road to Sabrina.

At 8,000 and up feet the Aspen were in all their fall glory.  As expected, at the highest elevations the leaves were nearing their “Use-by-date” and yellow was turning to orange and some browning.  All, in  all, our timing couldn’t have been better.
First fall color sightings…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 180247 0175
Best view of the canyon heading into Aspendell…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 183006 0247
The shot everyone gets just short of Sabrina…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 185902 0351
Nothing like Aspen turning with the sun back lighting them…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 190529 0365

Tomorrow we’ll head north up Highway 395. there are many options along the way. Stay tuned!