Mt. Shasta and Castle Lake

Mt. Shasta and Castle Lake

Originally, we planned to stop in Mt. Shasta for one night. But, who’s says you have to stick to the plan? We took an extra day to head up the mountain.

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 190552 0636

A volcano in the Cascades, Mt. Shasta is the highest peak in the Cascades and 5th highest in California. Although it’s in some dispute, it is said Mt. Shasta last erupted in 1786.

The California drought has impacted the mountain. Although there seems to be plenty of snow, the snow pack is way below normal. Regardless, it was a beautiful drive.

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 164032 0221

We went as far as Bunny Flat…

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 164834 0226

Tucker was impressed…

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 165103 0231

In the afternoon we headed over to Castle Lake; a beautiful alpine lake near Shata.

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 182753 0534

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 183818 0572

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 181648 0307

Northwest May -June 2014-20140512 182917 0552

Next stop Whidbey Island and the San juans

Our First Day in Monterey

Our First Day in Monterey

This is Julia! Me and Tucker are getting our morning walk in before heading up to Monterey.

Monterey April 2014-20140407 085859 0041

My favorite combination… Watermelon and Cantaloupe!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153300 0048

Who knew bananas came in miniature sizes! They are so cute!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153342 0049

The biggest apple I have ever seen!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153436 0051

Mommy must be jealous… we found the best Hass Avocados today!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 153637 0053

These birds are crazy! They have been circling around each other for at least 5 minutes.

Monterey April 2014-20140407 161125 0061

This patch of grapes has gone on for at least 10 miles!

Monterey April 2014-20140407 095553 0044