Our Eastern Sierra Trip 2019

Our Eastern Sierra Trip 2019

Oct 19–Day 1

Left home at our preferred time of 10AM and drove straight through to Bishop, arriving at 4PM. We checked into the J Diamond RV park. OK place in the middle of town. Met the neighbors. Nice couple. Two kids. Their boy, who was turning one this week, was determined to walk everywhere on his own and not minding falling on a regular basis. Their about to be 4 year old daughter was a real chatty-kathy. Turns out her 4th birthday will be November 20…one day older than Carter. They lived and went to school in San Diego. Confessed they probably spent more time surfing than anything else. They recently lived in the Bay area, but decided to hit the road full-time. Over the next couple of years they wanted to find the best place for them to settle down and raise the kids.

Oct 20–Day 2

Not a cloud in the sky. Headed up Bishop Creek on highway 168 to Lake Sabrina, South Lake and North Lake. It was soon obvious we where a week late to catch the good fall colors. Any color that was left was at lower elevations. Lake Sabrina was packed with tourists and fisherman. No color at all. We decided to pass on North Lake, but check out South Lake. Half way up the road there is a pretty cool waterfall and some color.

On the drive back to Bishop we checked out a couple of campgrounds along Bishop Creek. Good news…fall colors where still hanging on along the creek.

Before settling in for the night we took a quick trip east of Bishop to check out Owens River and to explore a ghost town we found on the map just west of town. After 20 minutes on a bumpy, dusty back road it became obvious the ghost town was long gone. We did go by a cool looking cemetery just off the road. Pretty big. Lots of grave markers. I went to check out the place. Maybe it would turn out to be what’s left of the ghost town.

But…as it turns out the folks of Bishop really love their pets. Yep, it was a pet cemetery. Complete with grave stones and markers. Lots of their loved one’s favorite toys and chewies where neatly placed on the graves. Too cool!

Our neighbors parents arrive in their camper. They’re from the bay area and avid sailers with two boats on the bay.

Oct 21–Day 3

Headed north out of Bishop to check out Convict Lake. Been there several times. We usually have to place to ourselves in October. This time the area was overrun with bussed in tourists and lots of fishermen. No glassy water, but some color still in the trees. Coriena found several good compositions looking through the trees to the mountains in the background. She does know how to find the best “framed shots.”

From Convict Lake we headed back south and left highway 395 at McGee Creek. Followed the road south to Tom’s Place. Beautiful drive. From Tom’s Place we headed west along Rock Creek Road. It’s a beautiful drive up into the Eastern Sierra all the way up to the tree line at 10,000 ft.

Got some cool Rock Creek pic’s. Loved the drive.

Headed back to 395 and a quick trip back to Bishop. Mac & Cheese for lunch. Short nap and worked on my images for the rest to day. Good Day.

Oct 22–Day 4

Left Bishop and headed north to Lee Vining for six nights.

Spent the afternoon working on the big picture plan for working out of Lee Vining. Areas of interest included Yosemite High country via Tioga Pass, the Mono Lake area, Virginia Lake, Lundy Lake and maybe Bodie. Stay tuned.

Oct 23–Day 5

Early morning departure up Tioga Pass road. First stop along the way at a terrific waterfall and canyon scene.

Continued on to Lake Ellery for a mirrored water composition with the sun just beginning to rise above the Mountain.

Tioga Lake had nothing to get inspired about. No mirror, poor light. Turned onto the gravel road to Saddleback Lake, a mile and a half away. The river/meadow scene along the way was terrific.

The lake is nothing to shout home about, but loved to challenging drive along the river.

Head to Tuolumne Meadow. Harsh late morning sun, no clouds, dried out brown meadows.

That’s when the engine warning light came on. Not good when you’re miles from any help if it goes real bad. We took our time to get back to Lee Vining called GMC in Carson city. They couldn’t take us until next Tuesday. Call Reno GMC and they could take us that afternoon. 2 1/2 hour drive, but we made it. They would run diagnostics in the morning. So, we left the Big Boy truck with them and rented a car to get back to Lee Vining. Half way back GMC called and said they were able to run diagnostics. The results were not good. The turbo charger needed to be replaced. We could take the chance and limp back to San Diego. But, with having to tow the Airstream, the risk Big Boy could not make it was too high. GMC had the parts in Reno and estimated two to three days to get the work done. With the weekend that would mean next Tuesday or Wednesday if all went well.

Good news was we would be able to extend our camp until Wednesday of Thursday, the last day the camp would be open for the year.

Oct 24–Day 6

Good news call from GMC. the Big Boy would be done Monday, Tuesday at the latest. So, we extended our stay through Wednesday just to have a little insurance should things not go as planned.

Worked on images. Took a couple of walks along main street. Ice cream at the frozen custard stand hit the spot. Grabbed a photo of the motel on main street we stayed at the first time we visited Lee Vining many years ago.

It was the rickety, unleveled floors of the motel that inspired us to buy a camper trailer. We have never looked back!

We took an early evening trip to the Mono Lake Museum then drove to Black Point on the north side of the lake. The trip along a very rough, one lane gravel road was worth it. The Islands were the big attraction from this side of the lake.

Decided to check out the sunset possibilities on the south side of the lake. the light was fading fast, but got a couple images from near Tufa Point.

Pasta dinner. Right Stuff movie. Starting to get pretty cold. But, a nice night.

Oct 25–Day 7

Nice drive south to June Lake. No color, but it’s always fun to get into the mountains.

From there, we went further south to the Obsidian Dome area. The geological scene was spectacular.

The geologic history of the Eastern Sierra and the Great Basin is what makes the Eastern Sierra so great.

Oct 26–Day 8

Took the day off and just hung around camp reading, quilting and playing with images. Nights have been real cold. In the teens. We disconnected the water every night, relying on the internal water and pump if needed for the toilet. Heated worked nicely. All’s well.

Cool clouds forming over Mono Lake in the AM. Headed to the west end access road just north from our camp.

Really liking the pic’s I got from there. Settled into relax mode again.

Oct 28–Day 9

Connected with GMC. Good news the Big Boy is all fixed. Headed to Reno. They brought the truck out and the emergency brake cable was hanging on the ground. Good grief!! Michael who did the turbo job had it fixed in less than ten minutes. Headed back with the Big Boy to Lee Vining. Settled in and got everything ready to leave first thing in the morning.

Oct 29–Day 10

Headed out to Lone Pine at 9AM. Checked in by noon. Settled in for another day of relaxing. Some local dining. We earned it.

We did think about heading over to Alabama Hills, but the air quality sucked…lots of haze. Good excuse to stay put and be ready to leave for home in the morning.

Oct 30–Day 11

On the road home from Lone Pine. Very high winds, but all went pretty well until we got to the 15/215 split. We always take the 15. No sooner had we taken the 15 when brake lights went on and everything stopped. We crawled for the next hour and a half. Five 18 wheelers had over turned in the high winds. Lots of smoke from the Hill fire near Riverside that just started not long before we passed there. Pretty ugly. We pressed on, but the high winds kept us from going much over 45 MPH until we got to Temecula.

Home at last.

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 5

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 5

From Bishop we started the morning be heading straight to Mono Lake.  According to Wikipedia

“Mono Lake is a large, shallow saline soda lake in Mono CountyCalifornia, formed at least 760,000 years ago as a terminal lake in an endorheic basin. The lack of an outlet causes high levels of salts to accumulate in the lake. These salts also make the lake water alkaline.  This desert lake has an unusually productive ecosystem based on brine shrimp that thrive in its waters, and provides critical nesting habitat for two million annual migratory birds that feed on the shrimp.  The human history of Mono Lake is associated with its productive ecosystem. The native Kutzadika’a people derived nutrition from the pupae of the alkali flies that live in the lake. When the city of Los Angeles diverted water from the lake, it lowered the lake level, which imperiled the migratory birds.”

Mono Lake never disappoints!

Mono lake October 13, 2014-20141013 173955 0112

Mono lake October 13, 2014-20141013 174715 0151-2

Eastern Sierra iPhotos October 2014-20141013 111054 1153

Eastern Sierra iPhotos October 2014-20141013 105424 1115-2

Eastern Sierra iPhotos October 2014-20141013 105358 1113

We worked our way back south taking the June Lake Loop. More great color!

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141013 191135 1070-4

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141013 190307 1021-2

We finished the day with spur-of-the-moment turn up McGee Creek road. It was mostly gravel. But, the scene was spectacular!

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141013 203823 1094-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141013 203627 1077

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 4

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 4

Day 4 was a nighttime affair.  The goal was to head away from the lights of Bishop to try our hand at photographing the Milky Way.

Great location…Great results…

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 025826 0034

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 024450 0024

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 023518 0016

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 023327 0014

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 3

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 3

Day 3 started early.  We headed to Convict lake to catch the sunrise.  Not only did we catch the sunrise, we had a near-full moon setting over the far hills as the sun was rising.  We couldn’t ask for more!

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 143729 0768

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 140549 0521

Next stop was Lundy Lake. We heard the colors were just starting. But, as soon as we turned up the road, we knew we were in for a real show.

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164355 1181-6

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164752 1230-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164607 1220-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164203 1163-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 162637 1035-2

Last stop for the day was Conway Summit…just a little further north. As you round the first bend the fall color scene overlooked Mono Lake. What more could you ask for?

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 171626 1295-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 175914 1432-2

Olympic National Part, Part 3

Olympic National Part, Part 3

The third personality of Olympic National Park is her amazingly rugged seashore. From our camp in Forks, Washington, it was a 20 drive west Beach 1, Beach 2 and Beach 3. The naming isn’t too original, but the beaches are typical of the whole coast.

A harbor channel runs through Beach 1. And it’s not the prettiest channel. However, on the opposite shore of the channel a couple of Bald Eagles and their kids were working the area. It takes a few years for the youngsters to grow into the classic Bald Eagle plumage.

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 210429 4007

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 211242 4077

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 210409 4003

One adult circled, while the other tended the nursery…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 210840 4043

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 211002 4055

Like most kids these two squabbled about everything…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 211903 4192

The seagulls were just hangin’ out…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 204851 3966

We skipped Beach 2 in favor of hiking to Beach 3 where we would find Strawberry Falls at the end of beach…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 191122 4774

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 193428 4839

Halfway along Beach 3 you have to work your way around a landslide that brought down a sizable bit of the cliffside…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 191549 4789

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 191444 4786

In the same area of Beaches 1, 2 and 3 is Rialto Beach. The fog added a special touch to the whole thing…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 224610 4306

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 222914 4206

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 222422 4170

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 221355 4096

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 221009 4049

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 220647 4025

A trip to the area has to include a trip up to Cape Flattery…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 210752 4074

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 210647 4068

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 205556 4043

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 204518 4022

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 203248 4010