Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 4

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 4

Day 4 was a nighttime affair.  The goal was to head away from the lights of Bishop to try our hand at photographing the Milky Way.

Great location…Great results…

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 025826 0034

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 024450 0024

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 023518 0016

Milky Way October 12, 2014-20141013 023327 0014

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 3

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 3

Day 3 started early.  We headed to Convict lake to catch the sunrise.  Not only did we catch the sunrise, we had a near-full moon setting over the far hills as the sun was rising.  We couldn’t ask for more!

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 143729 0768

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 140549 0521

Next stop was Lundy Lake. We heard the colors were just starting. But, as soon as we turned up the road, we knew we were in for a real show.

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164355 1181-6

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164752 1230-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164607 1220-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 164203 1163-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 162637 1035-2

Last stop for the day was Conway Summit…just a little further north. As you round the first bend the fall color scene overlooked Mono Lake. What more could you ask for?

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 171626 1295-3

Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141011 175914 1432-2

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 2

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 2

Up early on Day 2.  Headed up Pine Creek, on to Rock Creek with a quit run up to Convict Lake to scope it out for the next mornings sunrise shoot.

The first thing you come to when you turn up the road to Pine Creek…Very photogenic…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 204512 0100
Then the road juste get’s better…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 201813 0012
And Better…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 201915 0031
Short stop along Pine Creek and we are on our way to Rock Creek…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 202203 0053
You head up Rock Creek out of Tom’s Place, just off Highway 395 and it didn’t take long to get into the swing of things…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 220234 0143
Great Color!!
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141010 221628 0211

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 1

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors…Day 1

The first day out we needed most of the early morning to get our camp in Bishop organized.  So, we focused on one area today…The Bishop Creek Canyon.  The road heads straight west out of Bishop and works its way up through typically beautiful Eastern Sierra wilderness.  On Bishop Creek road you can head straight up to lake Sabrina at the end of the road.  You can take side trips to North Lake and South Fork.  We focused on the main road to Sabrina.

At 8,000 and up feet the Aspen were in all their fall glory.  As expected, at the highest elevations the leaves were nearing their “Use-by-date” and yellow was turning to orange and some browning.  All, in  all, our timing couldn’t have been better.
First fall color sightings…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 180247 0175
Best view of the canyon heading into Aspendell…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 183006 0247
The shot everyone gets just short of Sabrina…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 185902 0351
Nothing like Aspen turning with the sun back lighting them…
Eastern Sierra October 2014-20141009 190529 0365

Tomorrow we’ll head north up Highway 395. there are many options along the way. Stay tuned!

Total Eclipse…The Blood Moon

Total Eclipse…The Blood Moon

We were going to head up to the Eastern Sierra on October 6 before I found out there would be a total eclipse of the moon on morning of the 8th.  Delaying our Fall Colors trip to the Eastern Sierra area turned out to be a great (call it lucky?) decision for a couple of reasons.  First, it gave the Eastern Sierra a couple more days to turn itself into what proved to be a spectacular color season.  Secondly, it gave me a chance to capture a total eclipse.  Something I had never attempted before.

The hill at the top our our street proved to be a great vantage point according to the timing and angle predicted for the eclipse.  The Partial eclipse would start around 0215 and work into the total starting at 0356, running through 0424 with a partial ending at 0534.  The moon would be setting/eclipsing in the west, southwest sky.  Then there were the weather forecasts…not too promising.  High scattered clouds.  Not what you need for capturing your first eclipse.

I went up to the hill on the 7th to practice and the clouds sucked.  Got a few interesting full moon shining though the clouds shots in.  But, that was about it.  Fingers crossed tomorrow’s forecast would be wrong.

and it was!!  the sky couldn’t have been clearer.

Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 090048 0009
Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 093210 0031
Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 101842 0080
Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 104130 0098
Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 113100 0113
Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 114805 0128
Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 122146 0152
Moon Eclipse October 8, 2014-20141008 090048 0009

Here’s the link to a 50 second slideshow. 5 hours condensed into 50 seconds. The Blood Moon!

Pop’s 90th

Pop’s 90th

Click on Pop’s picture to see the ebook I put together from Pop’s 90th birthday in July.  The gang was all there!!
Indiana July, 2014-20140711 173314 0082

Olympic National Part, Part 3

Olympic National Part, Part 3

The third personality of Olympic National Park is her amazingly rugged seashore. From our camp in Forks, Washington, it was a 20 drive west Beach 1, Beach 2 and Beach 3. The naming isn’t too original, but the beaches are typical of the whole coast.

A harbor channel runs through Beach 1. And it’s not the prettiest channel. However, on the opposite shore of the channel a couple of Bald Eagles and their kids were working the area. It takes a few years for the youngsters to grow into the classic Bald Eagle plumage.

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 210429 4007

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 211242 4077

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 210409 4003

One adult circled, while the other tended the nursery…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 210840 4043

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 211002 4055

Like most kids these two squabbled about everything…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 211903 4192

The seagulls were just hangin’ out…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 204851 3966

We skipped Beach 2 in favor of hiking to Beach 3 where we would find Strawberry Falls at the end of beach…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 191122 4774

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 193428 4839

Halfway along Beach 3 you have to work your way around a landslide that brought down a sizable bit of the cliffside…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 191549 4789

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 191444 4786

In the same area of Beaches 1, 2 and 3 is Rialto Beach. The fog added a special touch to the whole thing…
NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 224610 4306

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 222914 4206

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 222422 4170

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 221355 4096

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 221009 4049

NMorthwest May-June 2014-20140522 220647 4025

A trip to the area has to include a trip up to Cape Flattery…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 210752 4074

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 210647 4068

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 205556 4043

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 204518 4022

Northwest May-June 2014-20140523 203248 4010

Olympic National Park, Part 2

Olympic National Park, Part 2

The second unique personality the Park takes on happens in its world famous rainforest areas. There are only three true temporate rainforests in the world. New Zealand, Chile, and Olympic National Park. there are other rainforests, but only three classified as temperate.

The Hoh Rainforest is the most visited.  The trip from our camp in Forks was short and easy…

We followed the Hall of Mosses trail.  And moss you get…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 180503 4765
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 173112 4727
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 180412 4763
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 180056 4761

I played with infrared…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 181954 4511-2

Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 175648 4504-2

Even with out a lot of moss, the trees here were like no where else…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 174602 4744

Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 181452 4775

Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 174649 4746

Outside of the famous areas like Hoh, the rainforest personality was just as impactful. Just outside of Forks, along the coast, are several Indian reservations that you find areas that are also park of the Park. The trip from Forks took about 20 minutes.

We started the day with the goal to hike to Strawberry Falls at the end of Beach 3 (not a very clever naming system for the beaches in the Park). But the hike took us along amazing Rainforest trail.

The fungi were very cool…Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 183618 4691

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182731 4659

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182250 4634

Even the down and dead trees and roots still serve a purpose. They call them nursery trees…Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182018 4616

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182224 4630

And then there was this little guy working his way across the trail. It’s a Pacific Banana Slug. 6 inches long and very slimy…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 185451 4736

Olympic National Park, Part 1

Olympic National Park, Part 1

The really cool thing about Olympic is it is really three parks in one.  There’s the high mountain country.  The only temperate Rain forests in the world outside of New Zealand and Chile.  Then there is its rugged seashore alone the coast of Washington.

We started by spending a couple of days the high country, including treks to a three of very cool waterfalls.

We planned to make it up to Hurricane Ridge in the high country for some sunrise photography. We get to the gate and it’s close until 10AM for construction work along the road. Bummer. But, the wait was worth it and the photography OK…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140520 182301 3127 Northwest May-June 2014-20140520 184651 3716

Along the Ridge trail there were three deer that were not bashful at all…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140520 181938 3095

Off Hurricane Ridge. Back to highway 101. Head west. Next stop…Madison Creek Falls…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140520 231349 3216

Then around the bend to toward Crescent Lake, and the trail to Marymere Falls…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140520 202304 3164

The next day we headed to Sol Duc Falls…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140521 183700 3364

Along the trail too Sol Duc Falls there were others…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140521 180958 3326

Northwest May-June 2014-20140521 183205 3356

Stay tuned for Part 2!

San Juan Island

San Juan Island

We got to see only a small bit of San Juan Island when we went over to do some Orca watching. So, off we go to Anacortes from our camp in North Whidbey island to hop on the ferry for a circumnavigation of San Juan Island.

You land at Friday Harbor.  Around the ferry terminal you have your choice of all the typical tourist shops.  But, just after a few blocks you’re in another world.  No traffic. Farms.  Rolling hills. Wild flowers everywhere.  Cottages. Views of the Puget Sound and its islands are around every corner.

First stop was to be Cattle point at the southern tip.  But, we missed the turnoff (which we seem to do on a regular basis).  As fortune would have it, as we drove a little further looking for a place to turn around, Coriena spots a lone eagle in the distance.  Out comes the big lens…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 174545 1748

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 174540 1743

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 174736 1764

We eventually got turned around and made our way back to the Cattle Point turn off. The lighthouse was a real bummer, but the views where typical San Juan Island views…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 180506 2340

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 181039 2392

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 181156 2406

Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 181239 2412

Next stop…American Camp. In 1859, America and Great Britain got into a tissy over a dead pig and San Juan Island was where we nearly went to war. Brits in the north end and Americans in the south end. Today a few of the American Camp buildings still stand. Nothing much of the British Camp is left, except a couple of monuments.
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 184438 2466

Here’s the American Camp in Infrared…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 185120 2606

Heading north along the western coast to the next lighthouse you drive past False Bay. Very appropriately named…Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 195800 3607

The Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse made up for the headless Cattle Point light…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140518 202743 2564

Last stop was Rouche Harbor for a quick lunch before heading back to Friday Harbor and the ferry. A cozy little place with some interesting old buildings…

We wish we had more time to ferry over to a couple of the other islands. But, that will have to wait. We’ll be back!