Just rapped our first Airstream Rally. Our friends, Fred and Penny, asked us to join their unit for four days in Quartzsite, Az.

2015-01-24 11.45.58

2015-01-22 09.00.35

If you haven’t been to Quartzsite, I’m not sure how to explain it to you. Pictures help. It is said there are about 2000 residents. In January the population swells to 60,000+. And they are all in RV’s spread across the desert. If there is anyone under the age of 65, we didn’t see them.

Here’s a panorama overlooking the area…

2015-01-24 10.36.32

So what brings all these folks to Quartzite? A swap meet. And not just any swap meet. This is the granddaddy of all swap meets. These few photos don’t do it justice. Literally, they are spread mile after mile.

2015-01-22 11.27.04

2015-01-22 10.24.40

2015-01-22 12.09.28

2015-01-22 12.09.06

If you have some 30,000 RV’s in town there is high demand for all kinds of services…

2015-01-22 14.06.49

Besides the interesting folks that joined the rally, there were some classic Airstreams. This is a “47 Airstream. Very cool!!

2015-01-24 11.19.53

Fred and Penny joined us in Twentynine Palms for a day. This is their ’56 Airstream. Sweet!

2015-01-25 13.11.54

We are in Twentynine Palms for a fews days to explore Joshua Tree National Park. More from there soon.