The second unique personality the Park takes on happens in its world famous rainforest areas. There are only three true temporate rainforests in the world. New Zealand, Chile, and Olympic National Park. there are other rainforests, but only three classified as temperate.

The Hoh Rainforest is the most visited.  The trip from our camp in Forks was short and easy…

We followed the Hall of Mosses trail.  And moss you get…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 180503 4765
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 173112 4727
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 180412 4763
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 180056 4761

I played with infrared…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 181954 4511-2

Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 175648 4504-2

Even with out a lot of moss, the trees here were like no where else…
Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 174602 4744

Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 181452 4775

Northwest May-June 2014-20140525 174649 4746

Outside of the famous areas like Hoh, the rainforest personality was just as impactful. Just outside of Forks, along the coast, are several Indian reservations that you find areas that are also park of the Park. The trip from Forks took about 20 minutes.

We started the day with the goal to hike to Strawberry Falls at the end of Beach 3 (not a very clever naming system for the beaches in the Park). But the hike took us along amazing Rainforest trail.

The fungi were very cool…Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 183618 4691

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182731 4659

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182250 4634

Even the down and dead trees and roots still serve a purpose. They call them nursery trees…Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182018 4616

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 182224 4630

And then there was this little guy working his way across the trail. It’s a Pacific Banana Slug. 6 inches long and very slimy…

Northwest May-June 2014-20140524 185451 4736