After a great week on Prince William Sound we headed off to Denali National Park.  The last week of September is the last week to park facilities are open.  If you like to have a national park all to yourself,  the end of September is the only time to go.  Even with a few days of snow flurries, the weather was quite mild.  No…the weather was perfect!

The bus system can get you anywhere you want to go.  But we were determined to see some moose.  So, we spent most of our days in our own car driving the main park road that had the most “watch for rutting moose” signs. Unfortunately, moose cannot read and were no where to be seen. Regardless, the country is spectacular.

We did one bus tour that took us 90 miles up to Kantishna, the last stop on an amazing, winding, gravel road that is only open to a few cars that have to enter a lottery.

The country was amazing…
Fall in Denali Park

The Dall Sheep was the icing on the cake…
Dall's Sheep in Denali

Dall's Sheep in Denali

Dall's Sheep

Dall's Sheep in Denali

The Ptarmigan at this time of year are just starting to turn white. In a couple of months they will be pure white…
Ptarmigan in Denali