Easter 2016

Easter 2016

Every Year the annual easter egg hunt takes place in our backyard.  The eggs are filled with cash. So, Connor and Julia are very competitive…to say the least!

Julia is quite proud of her haul…

Connor Just flies all over the place…

Still looking for the hunts biggest payout…the Golden Egg…

But…for the first time this year, just finding the Golden Egg was only the start. It only contained the first of many clues they had to track down the find the big jackpot…

In the end, all goes as planned and they count their loot…

A Baltimore Spring–Carter Time

A Baltimore Spring–Carter Time

April, May and most of June found us in Baltimore helping the kids out while Dustin was away at Jimmy John’s training. Here’s the full story (minus the Great Flood) as told by Carter…

Click on Carter to see his version of things!!

Yep. It was a great chance for us to spend real quality time with Carter and Chrissie. And the timing of the trip allowed us to be in Baltimore for the closing of our Jimmy John’s franchise deal.

Carter says…Go jimmy John’s!

Valley of Fire 2015

Valley of Fire 2015

From the Grand Canyon we headed to the Valley of Fire, just north of Las Vegas.  Over the years living in Vegas we had the opportunity to make several trips to the Valley of Fire.  It never ceases to amaze us.

Pictures don’t do this special place justice…

Valley of Fire Nov 2015-20151107 100002 0609-2
Valley of Fire Nov 2015-20151107 110334 0591
Valley of Fire Nov 2015-20151107 105350 0543
Valley of Fire Nov 2015-20151107 105249 0539

Like everywhere in America, Indians tamed the land and left their marks for us to wonder over…
Valley of Fire Nov 2015-20151106 082105 0282-2

The nights were clear and crisp. But, the lights of Las Vegas many miles to the southwest made photographing the Milky Way very challenging…
Valley of Fire Nov 2015-20151106 192312 0524

Grand Canyon in the Fall

Grand Canyon in the Fall

This was the second time we have headed to the Grand Canyon.  The first was in February of 1971.  We had been married only a couple of weeks and had just settled into our new life in Las Vegas.  I had just started my training in the F-111 at Nellis AFB.  Long story, short… We booked a donkey trip down into the canyon. We hit heavy snow around Flagstaff.  Almost ran out of gas.  Slept in the car.  But, we finally made it to the canyon.  It was still snowing heavily. When we asked to cancel the donkey trip, a very surprised ranger said “Why cancel? The donkey trip never cancels because of snow.”  We played our wimp card and got our money back and went skiing in Flagstaff.

The plan this November was to spend a week or longer at the canyon.  But, on our second day…guess what


This time we didn’t need to wimp out.  We were warm and cozy in the Airstream and stormy weather makes for some great photo ops.

The canyon is spectacular in every way…

untitled-20151104 101626 0509
untitled-20151103 111246 0187
untitled-20151103 073858 0185
untitled-20151103 062913 0174
Grand Canyon Nov 2015-20151105 073606 0598
Grand Canyon Nov 2015-20151105 073454 0591
Grand Canyon Nov 2015-20151105 072657 0561

Denali National Park

Denali National Park

After a great week on Prince William Sound we headed off to Denali National Park.  The last week of September is the last week to park facilities are open.  If you like to have a national park all to yourself,  the end of September is the only time to go.  Even with a few days of snow flurries, the weather was quite mild.  No…the weather was perfect!

The bus system can get you anywhere you want to go.  But we were determined to see some moose.  So, we spent most of our days in our own car driving the main park road that had the most “watch for rutting moose” signs. Unfortunately, moose cannot read and were no where to be seen. Regardless, the country is spectacular.

We did one bus tour that took us 90 miles up to Kantishna, the last stop on an amazing, winding, gravel road that is only open to a few cars that have to enter a lottery.

The country was amazing…
Fall in Denali Park

The Dall Sheep was the icing on the cake…
Dall's Sheep in Denali

Dall's Sheep in Denali

Dall's Sheep

Dall's Sheep in Denali

The Ptarmigan at this time of year are just starting to turn white. In a couple of months they will be pure white…
Ptarmigan in Denali