About Us

A life filled with love and adventure

Where does one start?  47 years and counting.  Family, careers, friends…it’s been one amazing adventure. We have lived in some…lets say…interesting places. Sacramento, Las Vegas, Mississippi, New Zealand, New Orleans, Memphis and Thailand (if you count two tours of duty flying combat in South East Asia).  When we managed to work our way to San Diego, we said “We quit. We retire. And we ain’t leaving!”  We’re sailors.  We’re travelers.  The kids are near. Who could blame us?

Coriena enjoyed a successful career in medicine as a Histologist, Med Tech and Lab Supervisor.  Kept a lot of Doctors honest.  Not easy!  Today, if Coriena isn’t playing tennis, she’s turning out amazing pieces of work she has sewn, embroidered and quilted.  What she can do with some cloth and thread is pure art.  Amazing.

Tom left flying F-111’s for the Air Force and worked his way into a great career in the Casino business.  He helped Harrah’s build and run five casinos.  The last Joint (as they are call in the biz) he opened and ran was Harrah’s Rincon,  in San Diego county.  Now and then, he will take on a consulting gig.  But, he would rather be sailing or Airstreaming in some cool location photographing the wonders of the world.

We managed all this while raising two kids. Erin, her husband Jeff, Julia and Connor live in the area.  Erin has her own CPA firm.  She gets a little grumpy during tax season, but we forgive her.  Besides, it means more taxi jobs for Nana and Grampy to get the kids to dance and soccer and everywhere else their busy lives take them.

Dustin found his way into Harrah’s, like his Dad.  He’s Director of Finance at their property in Laughlin, NV.  Dad opened that property for Harrah’s as the Director of Finance in 1988.  What go’s around come’s around. in the middle of 2014 Dustin transferred to Baltimore to open a new property for them as the Director of Finance. We are sure he didn’t go to Baltimore looking for love. But, boy did he find it. Christina has captured all our hearts. Then along came Carter.  He’s all boy!

If you have made it through our Journal and photos will will have met our two grand dogs, Tucker and Bentley.

So, our wonderful family keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So, the adventure continues!